A Unique Bubble Machine & Operator Rental

Mobubbles is the newest addition to the bubble craze from b-Amused. There is nothing else like having 12,000 bubbles per minute rain down, from hundreds of yards around, from 12′ in the air. This is much more than a bubble machine rental it’s an experience. Guests, of all ages, love bubbles but, have never experienced bubbles like this ever before. Kids, their parents and their grandparents everybody loves bubbles. How can you go wrong? Give the folks what they want!

Here is a sample of Mobubbles in action.


Bubble machine rentals by Mobubbles is the greatest thing you can add to any event.
Mobubbles only requires a 10′ x 10′ footprint and will fill the whole area with fun and entertainment. It’s a great way to drive spectator traffic to a specific area.


Y’all Call or Text for Mobubbles info: 972-841-1162

Mechanical Mo Bull rentals for churches, schools, festival, rodeos, project graduations, birthday parties and fairs. Mechanical bull rentals are fun for all ages. Once you have rented a mechanical bull you will always remember the fun all your guest had riding Mo. The following year your guest will want a mechanical bull at your next party.

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Located in the Dallas area, we serve Texas and parts of Oklahoma, Louisiana with Mobubbles, MoBull and Mo.