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Mechanical Bull Rental Dallas Frequently asked questions.

Mobull Mechanical Bull rental Dallas with Mo for churchs, schools, festival, rodeos, project graduations, birthday parties and fairs.Mechanical bull rental Dallas and Mo are fun for all ages. When mobull brings Mo to your location you will have an experience like no other.Mo is by far the best mechanical bull rental company in Texas.They have taken mechanical bull rentals to a new level. No one has done the things mobull has in branding it's bull Mo. Custom control design special business cards and more. Mo is the creation of Joe Bressie along with Ray Blakleys help. They have bruoght the Mo concept to the point people think its a franchise. The whole thing has been a challenge but well worth it. "

Q –  What makes your mechanical bull rental Dallas different from the rest?

A – We researched all the mechanical bull manufactures and decided on this unit. It has special safety features that we feel are superior to others. First off our bull comes with a Sofolex Soft Foam Safety Head, this will help ensure the rider will not be hurt by falling over or on the head. It also features “horns” that are made to fall off if hit. The Bull is designed to instantly stop when a rider falls off. We send only trained operators to make sure EVERYONE has a great time! We will not intentionally embarrass riders! We determine the riders skill level and will adapt the ride to fit the rider! Our bull body (actual cow hide) is much more realistic than the others.

Q- Is the mechanical bull insured?

A- Yes the mechanical bull rental Dallas is insured for 2,000,000 against accidents. And we have been accident free since the start. Safety is our first priority. Note: Not all bull vendors are insured.

Q – What ages can ride the mechanical bull at a bull rentals?

A – Basically anyone over the height of 4′ can ride the mechanical  bull. Our experienced operators can make sure everyone has a great ride! We have had kids as young as 4 years old and even some much older riders.

Q – Can The mechanical bull fit through a door way?

A – We need a standard 36″ doorway or gate to bring in the bull. But, the bull or our operators will not do steps! at your bull rentals.

Q – How long does it take to setup the mechanical bull?

A – It takes about an hour and to get the Bull into the party location, setup, test and clean, to be ready to ride.

Q – How much room do you need for the mechanical Bull?

A – The bull final setup dimensions is 20’ X 20’x 10′ high.

Q – Can the mechanical bull be set up on grass?

A – Yes, or concrete or carpet! We bring tarps to protect the floors. However, the bull should not go on gravel!

Q – How much power does the Mechanical bull require?

A – It takes one 20 amp and a 10-amp 110v circuit to keep Mo up and ready go. No other items should be plugged into the outlets during the bull parties.

Q – Does the mechanical bull come with an attendant?

A – Yes it does come with a highly skilled interactive attendant for as long as you request.

Q – Can we ride more than one person on the mechanical bull at a time?

A – No. What makes bulls so exciting is that they provide a radical ride for the rider. The rider will eventually be thrown off and land on an inflatable air mattress. Landing on your friend would not make for such a fun ride. Your guest come to bull parties to have safe fun.

Q – Will I get thrown off the mechanical bull? If so, onto what?

A – The answer is yes, you will most likely be thrown off. 99% of the riders are thrown off the bull since the program gets progressively harder the longer you stay on. In certain cases the mechanical bull operator will stop the bull at a certain point in the program and allow the rider to get off on their own. If a younger rider is scared our operators are trained to stop the ride and allow them to exit. We have a soft inflatable mattress to catch all riders when they fall!

Q – Do you offer anything other than mechanical bull rental Dallas?

A – Yes, we have a unique rental called Mobubbles. At your event you can have thousands of bubbles rain down from above.

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